Wearing and Buying Lingerie: The Do’s and Don’ts

Lingerie is astonishingly gorgeous; it can, however, be frightening to others. For others, it opens up uncharted territory in the realm of underwear. What about teddies? Balconettes? Garter belts? Chemises? Sure, there is more than enough to learn about underwear and bras than you might imagine. Given that we’re all locked up much more at home than usual at the moment, there’s no better time than now to polish up your lingerie understanding and do some lingerie shopping along with it.

Here are the dos and don’ts of coping with these frequently frightening underpinnings. We can promise that these suggestions will cover most of what you need to know.

Do: Get fitted by a professional

Get your bra size correctly measured without getting too caught up with your size. Finding great designs and well-fitting sizes is the goal of bra fitting and lingerie. Since the bulk of the support is from the band, ensure that it is tight against your back, leaving no gaping at the cup.

Don’t worry about your exact measurements

Put on what makes you feel the most comfortable; it will look great on you.

Do: Start from the ground up when it comes to your lingerie wardrobe

A plunge bra, unlined lace demi, t-shirt bra – are the factotum of your lingerie collection; treat them with great care. For newbies, start by investing in well-fitting and good-looking sets to develop your collection, opt for the sets and not just the bra alone.

On the other hand, if you are a seasoned lingerie connoisseur, rise to the occasion. It’s not about buying a super stylish bodysuit, brash ouvert bottoms, or a complete over-the-top outfit replete with suspenders. You do not have to spend lavishly; a selection out of the ordinary that perhaps doesn’t seem fully workable will do.

Don’t go for the three-piece garter set right now

Take your time establishing your preferences and comfort zones. Then dive all in!

Do: Keep an eye out for high-quality fabrics

There are so many factors to consider before buying lingerie. Of course, there are practical aspects- does it fit you correctly? Are the materials good quality? Is the design sound?- But you should know that there’s a garment’s ineffable mystery, which is essential in lingerie. Gorgeous laces and silks, exquisite decorations, one-of-a-kind design, and craftsmanship all pull together for this.

Don’t be scared to be freaky 

Grab the plunge bar with aubergine lace if you wish. Every time you have it on, you’ll feel great.

Do: Be Delighted With Your Outfit

You ought to fall in love with your lingerie, for it is the first thing you wear in the morning. And for you to be thrilled in it, you need to stand out in it and believe it. Style, fit and sentimental value play a role in this. It all starts with a love for what you’re wearing. 

Don’t forget that lingerie is FOR YOU 

Don only what is fulfilling to you.

Do: Wash Your Lingerie by Hand

The best way to take care of your lingerie is by hand washing it. Fill the sink basin halfway with tepid water and a cupful of gentle lingerie detergent. Then swirl your pieces in the water for a few seconds before rinsing, gently pressing out the water. Finally, spread it to dry.

You can keep your bras in a drawer by placing them behind each other and ensuring the straps are connected, and the cups are not distorted or flipped inside out. Hang chemises and unique items on hangers designed for delicate textiles to avoid snagging sheer mesh, lace, or decorations.

Don’t put your lingerie in the drying machine 

In no way should you stick your lingerie in a dryer. Follow the procedure above when washing.

Do: Try Out Different Lingerie Seasonally

Just like fashion, some designs or pieces are appropriate for particular occasions. You should always wear the right lingerie for the proper occasion.

Don’t restrict yourself to neutral colors 

Choose to be daring!

Now that you are knowledgeable about the do’s and don’ts of lingeries, you can peruse through our product catalog by visiting our website at https://crislingeries.com/ and buy your favorite piece today.

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